Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A bunch of baby gifts

Love these Mary Jane booties (from a pattern I bought on Etsy)

Sheldon the Turtle

Drool Bib (from a pattern I bought on Etsy)

Baby Wall Hangings

Styrofoam Wall Hanging

I am so excited about this project. I found a brochure at Michael's this week and couldn't resist. The wall in our family room has been desperately needing some color since the couches were re-done. I bought 3 styrofoam panels, and cut them into 12 inch squares. I covered the edges with ribbon, and then attached scrapbook paper. Modge Podge and spray adhesive both seemed to cause bubbles, so I ended up just pinning the paper on the same way I pinned the ribbon. From a distance, you can't tell at all, and the surfaces are perfectly smooth, which was important to me. Then all I had to do was insert the picture hangers in the back, and hang them. I think they look really good, and they are just what I was looking for on that wall, plus they were CHEAP. I'm going to do something similar in the downstairs bath, but I'm waiting for some paper I ordered this week.

Thomas' Chalkboard

My nephew turned 3 last week, and I made him this chalkboard. I bought a plain piece of wood at Michael's so it would have nice finished edges. I painted the front with chalkboard paint, and then modge podged the stickers in place. I covered all the painted surfaces (not the chalkboard) with a coat of polyeurethane... at first the stickers were peeling up, but once it was 100% dry, it was just fine.

Amy Butler Nappy Bag

My Sister in Law is pregnant, and is expecting her first baby in December. It hasn't been a very easy pregnancy, so I wanted to make her something special. I made her an Amy Butler "Nappy Bag". I have to say, it really was pretty easy, and I was very very happy with the results. I also made the coordinating changing pad and carrying case, and a little diaper / wipes holder. I love the fabric, although I bought the fabric for the changing pad later, and then I wished I had used it for the whole thing. The only trouble I had with any of it was sewing the batting to the changing pad, and after I adjusted my presser foot tension, it was fine. I'm planning to make another one, and I'm going to be brave and attempt an Amy Butler Weekender bag for myself sometime soon.

Presents for Enzo and the twins

A good friend recently had a baby boy... they were planning a Mickey Mouse themed nursery.. so I painted a letter V for him, and made him a bib and some shoes. I did the bib pretty much freehand, and I think it turned out pretty well. The shoes are based on this pattern

which was super easy to follow. Another good friend was having twins, and I made her these bibs and shoes, which I think are adorable

Fabric Bookmarks

Lately I'm really doing a lot of stuff with fabric, and I'm loving fabric covered buttons... I can't get over how simple they are and how adorable the results are... I made a bunch of these bookmarks using 4 inch paper clips I got at Staples

"Mosaic Tile"

I made this for Jack's teacher at the end of the school year. I took each of the kids' school pictures, made little resin tiles, with a set of resin tiles that I made using some "school" themed stickers I had... then I put them all together. I think it turned out cute, I know she liked it.