Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Currently on my needles

OK, I am definitely back in ADD mode, but I'm trying to pull out of it. I currently have 3 big projects on my needles... Pictures to follow soon, as I'm at a good place to photograph all 3.

1. Rowan Pattern cardigan for Mom's b-day (7/22, but we're not celebrating until 7/31)
I am doing this in a beautiful blue mercerized cotton (Patons Grace) ... it's a cardigan with a seed stictch border at the bottom (4+ inches) and I love it. Finished the back, one side, and have started the other side, but then shelved it to work on #2

2. Zoe Mellor baby snuggle thing... I have been working on this for a while, in the hopes of giving it to my new nephew (who I will meet for the first time next week)... but I'm having issues... the first is, it's not a fitted garment at all, and although I'm trying hard to have faith and trust the pattern, I'm worried it will end up looking like an amoeba. Also, my nephew is apparently growing like a weed, and I'm worried by the time the weather calls for it, it will be too small... so I have now set that aside to work on #3... once #3 and #1 are done, I will finish this for a friend who is having a baby in October

3. LOVE this, just started it today. Rowan pattern baby hoodie. I actually combined twopatterns, I am following one but using the striping from another. It's adorable. I finished 6 + inches of the back just this evening... It's in Lion Brand Cotton Ease, which so far I really like, and it will be predominantly light blue, with lime green stripes. Absolutely adorable... hoping to finish before 7/22, and then knit a little pair of booties to match> I think I will do the booties in the lime with the blue as the accent. Pictures soon I promise!