Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well, that's a nice way of putting it, anyways :) I am finding these days that my eyes are bigger than my needles, and I have a growing stash of yarns and patterns, an immense list of things I want to knit, and I'm suffering from some sort of knitting ADD that means I never finish anything.

Here's the list of what's on my needles right now

Zoe Mellor baby one piece for my nephew (still working on the left front and the baby is due in 10 days)

Zoe Mellor gingham booties. Adorable, pink and white, working on the second one now, haven't yet decided which pg friend is going to get them.

Vogue Knitting sock for DH. The first one turned out great, the second one hasn't had it's heel turned yet. Must finish!

Pick Up sticks adorable bag (I admit it, I'm a little scared of felting)

Socks for my mom. Adorable pattern, halfway done with sock 2 and I stopped. Need to finish!! Should have been Mother's Day gift!!

Recently finished

Zoe Mellor ballerina wrap sweater for my niece. Still need to block it and sew on the ribbon, but other than that it is done.

Cute fingerless mittens for me (OK, these were not that recent)

Booties for my friends baby boy

Scarf for Community Knitting... adorable pattern that made it vertical stripes on one side and horizontal on the other.

Here's the list of things I want to knit

More booties. Right now I still need two more pairs for girls (i'm probably going to do the Zoe Mellor gingham again, because I love them, and just do different colors)
Then I have a friend whose DH is in the Coast Guard, and they are expecting a boy. They will be getting the little Zoe Mellor booties with the anchors on them. CUTE! And one other friend who does not know babies gender yet is getting the little ones that look like ducks feet, because she has a great sense of humor and I know she will love them

2 months of Community Knitting that I am behind on (mittens and booties)

Hmmm, wanted to knit something to give my baby sisters when they are here next month. Apparently not going to happen.

Wanted to knit my mom an amazing sweater from the Rowan book I bought myself for Christmas. This is where the optimism kicks in. Maybe I can still get it done!

Jack wants a pirate sweater. I want to knit Ben a little Rowan hoodie. Wanted to make one for Thomas' birthday as well. Hmmm. Christmas?

I have some amazing sock yarn downstairs that I just had to have and haven't touched.

Surely there is more, I have bags and bags of yarn downstairs.

Will start posting pictures soon, I will post some FO pictures now :)